What is the best inventory manager - ebay lister - scheduler

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What is the best inventory manager - ebay lister - scheduler
17 Sep 2007

My eBay business has reached the point where I need to invest in some time saving software. My requirements in order of priority are:

Must interface with Ebay Australia (I am located in Australia)
Prefer for it to be inventory based - ie functionality revolves around the inventory list - and inventory is automatically adjusted each time a sale is generated
Scheduling must allow for automatic relist upon Ebay sale.
Can handle mutiple Ebay IDs and listings in multiple countries.
Prefer for it to be an online application - but can live with PC based if features are there
Must be reasonably priced (ie under US$1,000)

Currently I am looking at Channel Adviser (seems to be very expensive) and Laris (not sure if they do Australia).

Cheers and Thanks

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Re: What is the best inventory manager - ebay lister - sched
18 Sep 2007
Have you reviewed eSellerPro application. I know they are already in Aus. They would have all the features you are requesting and more

1. One set of inventory
2. Auto schedule tool
3. Multiple eBay accounts for one set of inventory
4. Multiple channels, ebay, website, Amazon and still one set of inventory
5. They host the application for you
6. Already working with ebay.au
7. Can interface directly into your couriers
8. Can interface directly into major financial application
9. Easy to setup and use

worth a look

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Re: What is the best inventory manager - ebay lister - sched
19 Sep 2007
I am in Australia too and you can't go past Marketworks.
It is quite difficult to setup as there are many options and there is a steep learning curve. Once it is running most things are automated and all you need to do is restock items that sell out, create new inventory when you get inventory you have not had before. You get an account manager that is based in Australia as well which is very helpful during initial setting up .. take a look at mine www.theshackbythebeach.com


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