Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!

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Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!
17 Sep 2007
I am an eBay seller who will list approximately 2500 auctions in November, and 4000 auctions in December. Most auctions will be of the same 3 or 4 items. I have a few specific needs besides the normal listing, scheduling, photo, and inventory functions. First I need a way to break the PayPal stranglehold when they invariably shut me down again during my busiest week to do a review on me. I will therefore need a separate checkout function with both the ability to accept credit cards and the ability to create plain mailing labels without postage. The purchaser will be directed to enter their shipping info, which is hopefully matched to their PayPal address. Secondly, I would like the ability to automatically place the shipping information into an Excel spreadsheet if possible. I look at the old CA Pro as the solution because the other players seem insanely expensive. I HATE WHEN A SOLUTION PROVIDER DOES NOT OPENLY DISCLOSE THEIR FEES ON THEIR WEBSITE OR ADVERTISING LINKS. It only means you have to do a negotiation dance, or the fees are so high they would immediately scare you away if disclosed. Additionally, I don't want to choose a solution provider that charges me a fee per transaction. I want a solution provider, not another Partner. Can anyone out there help me??? I thank you very much in advance.
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Bill Morgan
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Re: Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!
27 Sep 2007
Are you a seller based in UK or US.
Looking at your requirements (Andale) now Vendio would be a good option for you.
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Re: Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!
28 Sep 2007
Hi sassicaia,

To summarise, you want a solution with:

  • An alternative payment method to PayPal
  • Relatively low costs with no per-transaction fees

  • Unless you can take credit cards directly yourself, the main alternative to PayPal is Google Checkout.

    Google Checkout tends to be supported by the more expensive solutions, unfortunately. For example: Make-a-Store , Kyozou, Marketworks (acquired by ChannelAdvisor), Infopia, and ChannelAdvisor Merchant.

    Vendio Sales Manager is a reasonable suggestion as it supports Google Checkout but they do charge either a fixed amount per listing and/or final value fees depending on the package you choose.

    You could look at Laris. They don't state they support Google Checkout (surprising, as Laris runs on the Kyozou platform) but do support and WorldPay (so you will need your own merchant account). The downside is that they do not state their prices publicly - I can understand your annoyance at that!

    So it's really your need for an alternative to PayPal that cuts down the options available.

    I hope that helps! I would be interested to know what you decide on.

    Bill, thanks for contributing. Please state your relationship with Andale/Vendio when posting in the forum. When you suggest a product it would be very helpful to say why you think it would be a good option.
    Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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    Re: Is Channeladvisor Pro My Only Solution? Please Help me!
    1 Oct 2007
    I understand your problems I been there. I also dislike Paypal. I currently use because it is free and it lets me accept credit cards via It hosts my pictures, gives me free templates, free scheduling of listings and allows me to send payment reminders outside eBay. It does not help with inventory or a shipping solution but I like it cause its free.

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