eBay vs Jajah

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eBay vs Jajah
8 Oct 2007
Hi all! I'm new to this site - and solely because eBay keeps deleting similar forum threads on its site.

Most eBayers have some experience of eBay's controlling tendencies and inconsistencies, including when it comes to external links. Some links get through unchecked, while others see your item delisted and you warned for abuse of eBay rules.

It all seems very arbitrary, except when eBay acts like it's doing towards Jajah (an alternative to skype); it appears that eBay is trying to block all links to Jajah and its so-called Buttons.

Whilst eBay is rightly kicking itself due to its poor investment in skype, this cannot justify such behavior. Jajah Buttons and their like (btw, are other VOIP providers also being targeted by eBay?) are only communication tools, which surely can only boost eBay's trade & revenues.

eBay made a bad investment - outside of its core business - and tried to impose skype as the sole option for voice communications between its members. "Can't use or won't use skype? Tough luck." In a free society, that is simply unacceptable.

Say eBay had bought Hotmail - who would have accepted being dictated to that all e-mail communications had to go via Hotmail?

Similarly - who would ever accept eBay imposing PayPal as the only means of payment?

The answer to both questions is 'nobody'.

Ultimately, eBay users welcome the security that eBay's trading platforms provide, so they're not going to risk that security simply because they can talk more easily with one another.

What do you think?
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Re: eBay vs Jajah
12 Jan 2008
I may as well jump in this topic too. LoL

The short and simple answer, eBay can't monitor what is said on Jajah as they can with their messenger service, e-mailing through eBay and using Skype which they own. They want to monitor you to make sure your not circumventing any of their fees ya know!! ROTFLMAO

Perhaps that's a sarcastic answer but it may not be far from the truth. In many ways eBay is now a giant that has outgrown it's usefulness and I suspect it will flounder in the next few years. I am sure I am not the only one that has started using other venues because of their high fees and Nazi like enforcement of rules without reason. I just looked and in 2006 I paid just shy of $5000.00 in fees not counting what they made off me through Paypal. In 2007 I paid less than $200.00. Makes me wonder how many others like myself have gone elsewhere.
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Re: eBay vs Jajah
12 Feb 2008
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Re: eBay vs Jajah
5 Feb 2009
i just joined this forum and im reading thru the posts ..and i have to say i personally dont like eBay ..its true it has almost everything and kinda most people trust it..but i had bad experience with it..and the thing i bought from was just waste of money..for example i bought website thinking i can make some money of it and turned out i wasted my money.. they didnt lie about the info they gave..but they make everything sounds just easy and wont need work ..and the more u get into it..the more u realize there there is things u didnt know about that will need u to fix to be able get ur website working ..so rite now im reading about Shopster and want to try it..but looking for more review about it before i pay and sign up with them.

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