Choosing an Auction Mangement Program

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Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
12 Oct 2007
Ok I've spent a few hours on these forums and I am just not finding anything solid to help me with my choice. Quite a few contradictions and such which make it increasingly difficult.

I would really appreciate any advise in helping me choose the right auction management software.

First I'll tell you about who I am and what I need. I'm just starting out on selling through eBay and currently I'm performing all my market research by hand. I'm listing with Turbo Lister and it does the job but is far too time consuming. Though my current sales amount is very low I am slowly moving to further increase my sales quantity. I'm very friendly to all my buyers and such and as helpful as I can be. Right now I am doing ok but I can foresee the problematic future.

I need an auction management tool (software or web-based) I'd like software but most don't have image hosting and of course I lose the ability to use it anywhere. Though it's ok as it's more convenient.

The things that are most important to me are:

Market research I need to be able to research my competition constantly and fast. I need an easy report delivered
Image Hosting I need an alternate hosting solution to eBay one with good quality and reliability
Free Scheduled listing and relisting I've researched and found that several tools automate the process of scheduled listing and better yet do it for free!
Inventory Management I need something that keeps my inventory in mind when re-listing and manages it so I know how much I have.
Sales Report A tool that delivers a monthly/weekly report on my items sold, my fee's my gross profit etc. This is very important. Hopefully exportable to quickbooks or excel.
Multiple Auction Site Ability eBay isn't my end all be all solution if this can be used outside eBay as well that's great!
Automated Emails, Feedback, up-sells, newsletters the more it automates the better.

These are some of the most important featers I need, I need it to be able to manage multiple listing and items, deliver reports and such.

This sounds like a magic software but if anything gets close to this please let me know!!

I'm not looking for something very expensive either
Hope if anyone out there can help me please do!
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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
12 Oct 2007
I think you'll find many programs that do all of that, except for market research. Also, the reporting from most companies is not that great. You have to figure out your own system for those two things. Use some good accounting software and Tera peak is great to get you some market research. 197 a year or something like that.
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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
13 Oct 2007
Could you give me some examples of some tools that do all of that?

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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
15 Oct 2007
Hi Clef,

I agree with Seller1 - you are very unlikely to find market research within your chosen auction management application. Everything else is possible, though perhaps an export to Quickbooks (as you mentioned) will get you better reporting than built-in reports.

The main requirement that cuts down your choices is "Multiple Auction Site Ability". eBay's main competition at the moment is Amazon, so here are the management solutions that support Amazon. I'm ruling out the top-flight auction management solutions as I think the cost is higher than you want, which leaves the likes of Laris, ChannelAdvisor Pro, ChannelMAX and Vendio Sales Manager.

I hope that helps. Would be great to hear how it goes for you!
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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
16 Oct 2007
Hi Andy,

I really appreciate your reply to my post. I have been looking at Channel MAX but what scared me away was what they posted ontop of there pricing page.

"Affordable & Flexible Pricing
We reserves the right to change pricing without prior notice and reserve the right to pre-negotiate a pricing with a specific seller depending on ChannelMAX resource utilization.. "

Also does anyone know if the auto invoicing ever took place.

I never looked at Laris, do you know much about it? I looked are there site for sometime but the pricing part has avoided me? Normally I stay away from comission based programs but if it works and can save me time and money why not?
Also ChannelMax charge me a price for using Amazon period?
Also with ChannelMax can I print shipping labels without the desktop application? I forgot to mention earlier but I hope to have a label printing service that can intergrate with Endicia.

Has anyone used this two programs? The reviews were positive but I hope for a few more details. Can anyone shed some light on these for me? Thanks

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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
16 Oct 2007
Hi Clef,

I would like to answer few questions that you asked about ChannelMAX

1) ChannelMAX has a specific fee for Amazon Integration. We integrate with both Amazon Market Place and Amazon Seller Central. Using ChannelMAX, you can
.. auto re-price your Amazon inventory,
.. do inventory management and
.. order processing.

2) ChannelMAX ShipManager is a desktop application and integrates with
.. Endicia/Dazzle
.. FedEx
.. UPS Worldship 9.0

PS: This latest version of ShipManager is not posted on the web yet, but we send this new version (3.1) to sellers via email. We should be updating our website very soon !!

PS: ChannelMAX Ship Manager is a thin client application, meaning anything and everything you do in desktop is saved back to ChannelMAX web databse and vice versa. Ship Manager can be used by as many users of the company simultaneously. No limitation.

It also automatically sends ship confirmation to Amazon Seller Central, marks items as Shipped to eBay and can send Ship confirmation email to eBay buyer.

3) We have pricing by feature, but quite a few times, sellers need the complete solution, if so, we try arrange a fee that is lesser than total combined for each individual feature.

On the other hand, when seller lists a huge number of of listing to eBay on a daily basis and requires additional support and help, we may require a fee for advanced support !!

4) ChannelMAX does not yet do auto invoicing. It will be lauched along with advanced ChannelMAX web store that is being worked on and scheduled for 2008 release !!


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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
17 Oct 2007
Hi Clef! I thought I would drop by and add in a little more info about our Laris solution.

Firstly, it's going to meet all of your requirements save 1. We can accomplish everything from the easy (Image hosting, free scheduling and relisting, inventory management, automated feedback, auto monthly and weekly sales reports) to the really cool stuff (world wide eBay site integration, fully automated shipping, multiple sales venues, discount codes, automated customizable emails, up-sells/cross-sells, newsletters, etc). Of course, we offer many, many more features geared to growing your business.

The only thing we don't do is market research. We use HammerTap ourselves. It's a nice piece of software at a great price. Nice people over there too.

We offer a free live demonstration with one of our Ecommerce experts to show you how Laris can vastly improve your business. Give us a call at 888.33.LARIS so we can answer any questions you may have.
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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
2 Nov 2007
Hi Clef,

If you are looking for a resrach tool that will give you insight information about prices,items,best day and time to sell on eBay ,Vendio has the perfect tool.Vendio offers Vendio Research and also Vendio research Insight which gives you detailed information about Ebay items.The data goes back 90 days.

If you have any more question you can email me or call vendio at 877-258-8488.

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Re: Choosing an Auction Mangement Program
13 Nov 2007
Hi Clef!

I use the SpoonFeeder software for auction management and it works great. It does only work with eBay, though, I believe. It is a desktop program that includes listing templates, and you can schedule to list your items whenever you choose. Image hosting is free with the program, as are the scheduled listings. If you purchase the Standard version of the program, it does offer automated emailng, automated feedback -- just about everything you specified. At the end of the week or month, you can create reports to track your ebay sales and profits. There is a small monthly fee for importing your weekly data, but it is far less than all the other options I considered when doing my research.

Spoonfeeder does NOT automatically download your fees, though. For that, I use Auction X2, which imports all of my eBay fees automatically, along with buyer email addresses, etc. Auction X2 has a marketing module called Price Tracker, which you can set up to track whatever ebay items you choose. I haven't worked with Price Tracker very much yet, but it looks promising. The folks at AX2 are extremely excited about the Price Tracker portion of their program, and they are very open to adding suggested features. I can export my data from AX2 to a csv file, and then manually enter my fees into Spoonfeeder. Conversely, I can just use the AX2 program to keep track of my sales/profits and help me with marketing, and use Spoonfeeder to list and then do my after-auction tasks and emails. That is how I'm handling things now.

Hope this helps!


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