What are Supplementary Results?

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What are Supplementary Results?
18 Oct 2007
We have a classification to help users determine if a product is no longer being developed or supported, called Supplementary Results.

Supplementary Results appear below other results and indicate that the product might be unavailable or unsupported.

We make listings supplementary if we can't find any evidence on the supplier's web site, dated within the last 12 months, that the product is still being developed or supported.

There is no difference in functionality between normal results and Supplementary Results: they can still be found in the category and search results, and reviews can still be submitted.

Are you the developer of a product that is a Supplementary Result?

Our system is largely automated and can make mistakes.

Also, if your product does not have a news, forum, history, blog or downloads page with dates we will not be able to tell when it was last updated, and it may become a supplementary result.

You can easily get your product back into the normal results: log in using your company account then go to the Control Panel and click "Make Live" next to the product name. Contact us if you don't have a company account.

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We hope that you find this system helpful. Feedback is very welcome.

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