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AuctionSplash - Charity version
22 Oct 2007
AuctionSplash - Charity Version

We have created a charity option in the main AuctionSplash 'Create listing' window. The idea behind this is to give charities a chance to make money from eBay auctions.

Charities have seen a sever drop in the quality of the goods that people donate for them to sell in their charity shops, in the last few years. This is because everyone have been selling their most valuable items at car boot sales and online auctions, leaving the charity shops with the junk. The Charity option in AuctionSplash allows users to sell any item on line and donate a proportion or all of the proceeds to a charity of their choice (provided the charity is signed up to MissionFish). Its rearly easy to setup and is only a few extra mouse clciks when building an auction. This works through in the USA and in the UK.

When the auction is launched on eBay the charity details are at the top of the auction template. It shows how much you are donating, the charity lodo, mission statement and its all backed by Missionfish guarantee.

We have created an easy to follow user guide to explain how all of this works. See

We would like to get some feedback from you all on what you think about this, please?

Thank for your help.


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