AuctionSplash Pro - T minus10 and counting........

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AuctionSplash Pro - T minus10 and counting........
22 Oct 2007
AuctionSplash Pro

AuctionSplash Limited are about to launch an entirely new version of their very sucessful desktop program on 1st November 2007, AuctionSplash Pro

It will have a completely new interface ,very MS/Outlook style and is aimed at high volume sellers. It has a Stores feature, Mulitple users, Check messages, Label & Invoice printing, Inventory, Second chance, Scheduled listings, Auction Stats and all the usual fantastic AuctionSplash features (including the charity option) .

We will be discussing a main feature every day for the next 9 days. Stay tuned you won't want to miss this!

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Re: AuctionSplash Pro - T minus10 and counting........
1 Nov 2007
Alright, 11/1/2007 is here

Where can I find this new Pro Version to check out ?? I've finally given up on MarketBlast and Although I still use AuctionWizard2000 I want something that's nice to look at.

I registered on your forum at your site, but never received a confirmation email back.
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Re: AuctionSplash Pro - T minus10 and counting........
4 Jan 2008
Dear AuctionSplash Pro,

Would you please give a lead where can i find comparison information for the AuctionSplash (Free) and AuctionSplashPro?


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