Need opinions about Consignment software & shipping & Fed Ex

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Need opinions about Consignment software & shipping & Fed Ex
1 Nov 2007
Hello everyone,
I've been reading this forum for a while and now posting for the first time, so be gentle..

Here's the problem...
I used to manage an iSold It on eBay store and we had a great program that did nearly everything you could think of. Inventory management, shipping, listing, etc. When that iSold It store inevitably went out of business I opened my own store. I do a little consignment but mostly buying and reselling. Currently we are using AuctionWagon as it was the closest thing I could find to the program that we had at iSold It. As far as listings and inventory management go, it's pretty good - no major complaints. Listings are quick and easy - which might be the problem. Every day we have about 20-30 items to ship - and we can't keep up!

We use QuickBooks to keep track of all the financials and so we use Fed Ex ShipRush through the QuickBooks software, but it is SO TIME-CONSUMING to enter in each address manually. AuctionWagon has a way to gerryrig the Fed Ex shipmanager to import the addresses, but the addresses that AuctionWagon imports is the eBay address on file, not the address from Paypal. So if a buyer needs the item to go to a different address or a certain person, floor, apartment, etc. AuctionWagon has no idea and it's getting old having to double check everything in eBay and Paypal. I've been talking to AuctionWagon's Live Chat help but they said there's no way to get that info from Paypal, but I know there is because the program iSold It's have can do it!
I'm thinking I might need a 3rd party checkout system or something but I want it to integrate with Auction wagon..
Anyone have any suggestions, even if it's a different program? A program that could export sales info into Quickbooks would be a bonus.

I would love to just click on the item, have all the (correct) information there and click "print"...
Thanks in advance
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Re: Need opinions about Consignment software & shipping & Fe
1 Nov 2007
Hello Johanna ,

I am not sure if you are aware but when iSoldit started ,they used Andale and then they grew so big that they decided to build their own software , thats when they started having a whole lotta issues.
If you are looking for a consignment software to help you manage your business and also a tool to help you print your labels and invoices in bull Andale now Vendio has a tool called the Vendio desktop pro ,also when the buyer checkouts he can edit any shipping address that he wants and you would be able to print that using fedex .

You can contact vendio at 877-258-8488 .

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Re: Need opinions about Consignment software & shipping & Fe
7 Nov 2007

We can supply the solution you are looking for. We have an integrated DHL shipping module that will automatically import your buyer information. You can also compare the rates if you like before deciding to ship. We have a more flexible system than what you are used to with still combining consignor management, QB integration, reporting, etc. We also have the ability to send out marketing emails and revise active listings as well as some other features you will find useful. Being web based we are also compatible with Vista, something you won't find with many desktop applications. Let me know if you are interested in viewing a demo. 866.881.3229.


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