analysing uk ebaymotor sales.

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analysing uk ebaymotor sales.
14 Nov 2007

I would like to find out statistics on UK eBay motors. I'm a seller so i'd basically like to know typical sale prices for various motors, which market is floode with too many sellers, typical time for a sale to be made, number of bidders on aucitoned cars etc.

Can anyone reccommend any tools, website, software, books ...anything to help me get an edge on this.

thank you.
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Re: analysing uk ebaymotor sales.
26 Nov 2007
Hi yariman, thanks for your post.

You have asked a good question. In the US, eBay have separated Motors from the rest of eBay and you would need to find a tool that specifically supports eBay Motors (only AuctionIntelligence fully supports it, Terapeak and eBay Marketplace Research only have data for eBay Motors Parts and Accessories).

So, all you should need is an analysis tool that supports - here is the list.

Of those, Terapeak is the leading tool for official eBay data, and AuctionIntelligence is the leader for unofficial data (you use it to build up your own store of completed auction data).

Hope that helps!
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Re: analysing uk ebaymotor sales.
27 Nov 2007
You could try It searches all items on eBay uk and you can limit your search to categories you are interested in.

If you can narrow your search down correctly, it will give you number of bidders, number of auctions, selling ranges, etc.

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