Guess what? I need help choosing auction software...

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Guess what? I need help choosing auction software...
2 Dec 2007
Like many here I have been frantically researching the auction site for the project I am working on, but not being php fluent it can be quite confusing. I have a list of things I *need* to have with the software and if any one could give me a nudge in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

I want something that will work 'straight out of the box' and requires little customization. We are building a site where users bid on 'dates' either with registered members or with feature celebrity dates. A key aspect of this is that the money for the auction goes to the owner of the site.

• Money for auctions goes to the site owner.
• Candidates able to upload photo, personal details etc
• Candidates to receive a thank you email
• Bidders and candidates able to email each other anonymously (with user name) to ask questions during and after the auction
• Featured / celebrity auctions
• Option to buy special features – ie to be featured on home page or have extra photos etc
• Once auction has ended emails to go to both bidder and candidate.
• Bidder to pay within xx hours otherwise reminder email to be sent out.
• Only registered users able to bid and sell
• Search facility (by age, location, height, sex etc – similar to a search facility on a dating site)
• Live chat facility
• Form to be filled out on the site
• User name and password option
• Paypal to be used for subscription – this needs to be set so that Paypal automatically deducts X amount every 4 weeks.
• Automatic email thanking people for their subscription

If any of what we require is not available out of the box how feasible is it that this can be added on? And what additional costs would this incurr?

I have been considering using 'Add Auction Software' does anyone have any experience of this, was it good or bad?

I thank you all in advance for your help, for any aspect of my question!

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Re: Guess what? I need help choosing auction software...
10 Dec 2007
Hi Dan, welcome to the site

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