Better Product Shots for Better Sales

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Better Product Shots for Better Sales
4 Dec 2007
One of the most basic principles of selling your products online, whether through eBay or other auction sites, is that people shop with their eyes. When shoppers are unable to touch, taste, smell, or try out your products, it’s important that your images show the products in their best possible light.

With a new software tool called Bling! It, you can maximize your online sales by creating “shot in the studio” quality images in mere minutes. With nothing more than a digital camera and your home computer, you can create high quality images that rival the largest online retailers, without using a complex program like Photoshop. Best of all Bling! It only costs $49.95, a fraction of the cost of programs like Photoshop.

Once an image is opened in Bling! It, the program automatically identifies the product from the background, and with a few clicks removes the background of the image. To make the image really pop, you can then select a new background, sharpen the product highlights, add drop shadows, include a logo, and select the optimal file size for the web. In a matter of minutes you can transform a once lifeless image into a product shot that truly stands out from the competition. Bling! It’s easy-to-use tools, along with the intuitive help window, and the “Paintaway Viewer” which shows real-time edits to the image, help make Bling! It the easiest and most user-friendly tool available.

Check out the Bling! It website to try out a free trial of the tool:

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Re: Better Product Shots for Better Sales
6 Apr 2009
That looks sweet, definitely gonna try that for my next batch of photo editing work.

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