A review of Wonder Lister by cjmce
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16 Oct 2016
I've tried every listing tool available, and the only one that works for us is WonderLister. If you schedule listings, Wonderlister pays for itself with scheduling included in the subscription price. We can list about twice as fast using Wonderlister, and best of all, it has never crashed and lost all of our data like TurboLister did. If you're running an operation with multiple employees, WonderLister completely blows away any of the competition. You can access a database from multiple computers, meaning that you can split up the workflow and have 1 person adding pictures and 1 person adding titles, etc. We even have 2 people who log on remotely from their homes and create listings. It takes some work to get it set up and figured out, but there is no other tool that is anywhere close to WonderLister. Their support team has always responded within 1 day with a thought out response (not a canned one), and they genuinely consider any input you offer into making the program better (sometimes they'll add a feature and release a new version within hours after submitting an idea). I recommed you save yourself some headache and try WonderLister.

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