They use customers in production to test the software

A review of Linnworks by LW_customer_for_8_months
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They use customers in production to test the software
17 Oct 2016
It seems it had god features in the past (we think), but we came on board with the launch of the cloud version (beginning this year) .Net which we were pushed to use, and it has been a bad decision for us because it was not ready to be in production 8 months ago and it is not ready now either...

In our opinion, the problem is that they do not test the features they release to production so you end up opening tickets and tickets in a daily basis because things do not work as they are supposed to work and there is no documentation updated that helps you with found errors. At the end you feel like the Test Lab because you submit tickets for things that are so obvious it is just incredible that they did not test it or that nobody else reported it. We have counted how many tickets we have opened in the 8 months we have been with them and it averages one ticket every two labor days... Most of the answers are "oh yes that functionality is only available in the desktop version", or "no, you cant use the desktop version, you need to use the online version as it has been migrated"... "yes I see the problem, it is a visual glitch I will report to developers..."... 1-5 visual glitches in non-common areas would be ok, but 15-20 visual glitches in most of the screens, in filters in buttons, in searches... that is not a visual glitch... At the beginning we had support from the management level that seemed to be concerned about us, but that is gone as well, the last 4 or 5 mails we have sent them have not been replied... very unprofessional. Now they are changing the pricing plans (more expensive) to supposedly improve the Support Service... but we already paid for one year of Suppor Servicet!! and it has been terrible... you ask me for more money for something that you did not provided as expected?? No, if you acknowledge the service was not good, you need to put all the tools in place to fix it and provide the paid service. Then, when you demonstrate that Support is at the expected level, you can change the fees, but first do the work. If we paid and we did not receive what expected, how comfortable you make us feel asking for more money?? How can we trust??

Current environment for business tasks is: .Net. Linnlive and Desktop. You have to work with the 3 of them at the same time... depending on what you need to do, you need to go here or there, but there is no clear information about which functionalities should be used in each environment... you learn those through Support tickets... and they migrate functionalities without proper communication to customers, so one day it works, next day does not work... open a ticket, wait for a reply, change your business process... Yes, Support service is really bad, slow, unskilled...they propose solutions that are not tested first and it ends up with 4 or 5 replies in every ticket before it gets solved (if solved...).

Not all is bad at Linnworks though, it is very flexible for data management and it allows to speed up many listing tasks. Our feeling is that it had a very good base but they made very bad decisions regarding .Net version and instead of stepping back, they keep kicking the ball up waiting for a miracle... they ceated new more expensive plans, asked customers to migrate and pay more for new plans, so they could budget fixes/improvements with this money... it is just not right.

We made a big economic effort to migrate to LW expecting to scale up the business and after 8 months, the migration has been extremely expensive for us due to the numerous errors found, and due to the lack of interest from Linnworks we are looking at options to migrate again with the negative impact it has.We are very disappointed with this software... and we can not recommend it.

BTW: they promised us additional support to help us migrate and then did not commit. Watch out if they promise something to get you on board.
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