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A review of Wonder Lister by Huncrelan
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Top class, best of breed eBay Listing app
18 Oct 2016
In a response to Turbo Lister now being abandoned by eBay, I just feel compelled to step up to the plate and share a personal insight into something I discovered that made me leave Turbo Lister some time ago and now that TL is going to be discontinued entirely I need to spell out an alternative for Turbo Lister for everyone.
I spent over 3 years using Turbo Lister and all that while was always looking for something better. I tried several other options for listing through the years and finally discovered an application – program called Wonder Lister. In a nutshell I discovered after starting to use Wonder Lister that it just blew all of the other options I kept finding away.
It took years to find. These are the same people that managed BlackThorn for Ebay [after the original developers were let go]. Ebay dropped its interest in Turbo Lister long ago, but let it hang around in its clunky state for several years, buggy and slow as it was. But there was BlackThorn as an alternative. Then several years ago, Ebay stopped their financial interest in BlackThorn [which Ebay offered prior to Selling Manager Pro] and abandoned the Blackthorn team. Now we have all discovered Ebay is going to totally dump Turbo Lister.
So, I found Wonder Lister by chance about a year and a half ago and discovered the old BlackThorn team had formed this new company and built Wonder Lister. It is Turbo Lister and Blackthorn all rolled into one then shot up with Steroids. Ebay data, Sales data, customer data, financial & Sales reports, scheduler, uploader, photo handling, searchable database, folder organization, template creator, sales promotion, listing editor and much more all rolled up into one program / application.

There are just so many good things that Wonder Lister does that I would do it an injustice to try to remember them all but here are just some of the many, many attributes of Wonder Lister for those that are having to leave Turbo Lister and looking for an alternative.

And I wouldn’t do justice by leaving out the statement that their Support Team is Absolutely Great. They answer fast, will instruct you if needed, I even had one of them use TeamViewer and just do something I asked, for me directly in front of me remotely.
The upload of 12 photos is in about 1 to 2 seconds. All 12 are uploaded before EBay's app can upload one photo.
Personally I create tons of different templates and they will keep forever because everything is stored on my hard drive, not on EBay's servers. When I list I just click on a saved template by category like Men's Shoes and that blank listing pops up and all I fill in is the specifics for that particular item.
It pulls all of the same type of data from Ebay that SMP offers but it is in my files forever, not gone in 90 days. I also create "Folders" and keep various drafts in process by what I need to do, like a folder for items that need more research.
As far as bulk editing goes, Wonder Lister blows Turbo Lister and EBay's Selling Manager Pro and new Dashboard away. No two hundred or 500 limit on how many to bulk edit. If you had 10,000 items in your store, you can bulk edit all of them at one time. The Bulk editor tab allows you to add your edits in many ways, including any Boolean language traits. Say, I want to add the word "Blue" to the end of all of my Titles, it can do it. By the way, again, at speeds you just wont believe. Turbo Lister would take 20 to 30 hours to do thousands of listings, Wonder Lister 10 times or more in less time. Anything Turbo Lister can do, Wonder Lister can do and so much more at blazing speeds.
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