Kyozou urges eBay for policy change: Neutral Feedback

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Kyozou urges eBay for policy change: Neutral Feedback
7 Dec 2007
Sometime during the summer of 2007 (thanks in part to dedicated auction bloggers from all parts of the globe), some eBay merchants started to notice they were being restricted (or outright suspended) from listing product if "more than 5% of a seller's buyers (were) dissatisfied, as measured by negative and neutral Feedback left or Item Not Received complaints during a 90 day period."

What eBay failed to take into account, is that it seems just more than a tad unfair to merchants, especially larger volume merchants, to be penalized for something as arbitrary as neutral feedback. It's a little like coming up to bat in the bottom of the ninth inning, with the game on the line, and having two strikes against you before even stepping into the batter's box.

Kyozou spent two days talking to eBay representatives on behalf of Kyozou's customer, and proposed two valid alternatives: Either eBay Trust and Safety take the time to actually review the buyer comments left with a neutral feedback score and make an informed decision about the true nature of the transaction, or (even simpler) institute a 30-Day Probationary period based on neutral feedback alone before restrictions or suspensions actually go into effect.

Thus, the issue is under review thanks to Kyozou's efforts to accentuate a change. Maybe eBay will listen. If more merchants, and eBay business partners for that matter, raised their collective voices to Trust and Safety and asked for a review of the policy, it certainly would be harder to ignore the clamor for a fair change.
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Re: Kyozou urges eBay for policy change: Neutral Feedback
12 Jan 2008
Ive been thinking on this topic for a while, yet I am still mixed on how I feel about the issue.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact I have been selling on eBay since 98 and have 0 negative feedback and 1 neutral from one of those crack pots who still swears I called postal workers monkeys and that I ASKED for feedback which I have never done. But that's beside the point I guess.

My record sort of proves if you do things right and don't exceed your ability to properly manage your business you won't get bad feedback and won't have this problem. So at least to some extent I agree with eBay, and I haven't done that in several years. LoL

Now for the flip side, eBay has gone way too far in trying to police it's sellers in an effort to create trust with the buyers and avoid copyright lawsuits. I have had many of my auctions canceled for alleged copyright infringement because I stated KNOWN fact. For example Colt audio is Alpine, take the cover off and you will even find Alpine stamped on the circuit board. I would have to look up model numbers to give exact examples but many Colt car stereos are exactly the same as Alpine models except for the label, yet if you mention this or a Alpine model number in an auction for a Colt system they will cancel your auction. Same applies to the GT series lawn tractors from Ariens, they were first built by New Holland and then NH sold out their Lawn Tractor division to Ariens in the early 70's and it became the Ariens GT series. So the NIB NOS 52" deck I had listed a few years ago was canceled a total of 9 times followed by an excuse for an apology from eBay before someone who wanted it contacted me and I sold it to him off eBay.

So yes I will be the first to say some of their rules since eBay became a publicly traded company have gone way over the line. So much so I do most of my selling on Craigslist and other venues now unless it is something where the eBay format will bring me more money. But on this issue I can't take your side, if a seller is pushing sales beyond his/her ability to properly keep up perhaps they need to take a break to explore better ways to conduct their business and keep their buyers happy. That might make me a very unpopular person around here, but that's my two cents worth.

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