Once you learn it, makes life easier

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Once you learn it, makes life easier
20 Oct 2016
I have been using stock control/repricing companies for a couple of years now. Always was getting calls from competitors, including Channel Advisor who wanted a ridiculous amount of money for me to switch.
Decided to move over to Cloud Commerce as my stand alone website on Magento wasn't producing much business, and Cloud Commerce said they could improve my own website sales significantly.
Took about 3 months to set everything up. At first it was quite daunting, the sheer amount of stuff on the site, but by concentrating on the essentials to start with before branching out I soon got into it.
The best part of it for me has been the dispatch manager. Saves me a lot of time, and has lots of useful features. Setting the correct postal rules for different sizes and weights was fiddly and complex, but the support staff, Stephen in particular, were very helpful.
The initial set up cost for a small business seems high at first glance, but i pay less running costs per month than i was doing before, so over a couple of years that will even itself out.
The re-pricing and stock management works quickly from eBay and Amazon, quicker than my previous companies site.
There are a few things that aren't quite ideal though...
When the rep visited me and I showed him how i had to list products to get them on Amazon, Ebay and my website, he told me it would be much simplier with CC. Actually it takes longer now!
For a new product you have to list it in the normal way on Amazon, wait for CC to update overnight, then "map it" into the CC system, then export it out to Ebay, then export it out to my website, re-adding photos and details.

CC designed me a new website, took a long time but looks great.
Hasn't made a scrap of difference to sales though, and have had various issues such as thumbnail photos when clicked going to a completely different large photo, and product descriptions didn't import from Ebay.
My new year resolution is to get the website working properly.
I am happy with the technical support on CC apart from the website side of it, Nick is always helpful, even though he always seems to be super busy, but I feel that my website is somewhat shunted off into a siding.

My third and final gripe is that for the money you can't expect round the clock coverage, but as we all know the internet never sleeps, and when the inevitable hardware/software gliches occur on the system, if its after 5.30pm or at a weekend you are on your own.

Overall, am I glad I switched? Yes, the pros def outweigh the cons.
Would I recommend Cloud Commerce? Yes, but be clear about what you need.
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Re: Once you learn it, makes life easier
21 Oct 2016

Thank you very much for taking the time to post a honest and fair review of our platform and service. It is always good to hear about areas of improvement, so we know how to become better as a business. In answer to your comments:

- The listings of products to all channels, Amazon, eBay and Website should be a lot simpler than how you have described it. I will ask our support team to give you a call and see how we can help to speed this process up for you.

- I am sorry your experience of the migration to WooCommerce has not been great. We have recently moved our front-end development from an internal CMS, to using WooCommerce. And have also boosted internal resources to manage these more effectively. Any help we can give on-going, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

- We are also developing a plan to offer 24hr support. As you can image this will take a bit of time, and as of yet I don’t have any time-scales but it will be in the near future.

I am glad to hear the pro’s outweigh the cons, and I can assure you will have taken all your comments on-board.

Kind regards,

Cloud Commerce Pro

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