We are beginning to Crush Ebay with Wonder Lister

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We are beginning to Crush Ebay with Wonder Lister
20 Oct 2016
We have used everything in existence to manage our eBay Business and build our listing Data for under $500 per month. We tried a couple go arounds with Turbo Lister and found it to be sorely lacking for any Ebay business above a few 100 listings. It was painfully slow, very buggy, and you cannot retrieve your data from it (biggest flaw).

We were very upset when Blackthorne went away, that was our all time favorite and most profitable tool. We searched around and finally settled on Wonder Lister at the beginning of last year. This software is actually made by some guys from the Blackthorne development team.

Since Wonder Lister our sales have skyrocketed and our productivity has increased. We love the Folder structure, the Tabbed structure, the Custom Fields, and the wonderful Export tools.

With 20 years Ecommerce experience, I have to say Wonder Lister is the best option out there. It is lightning fast in all aspects, performs well over a Network, and can handle massive amounts of Data without creating SQL bloat (huge blackthorne problem). The pricing is also very fair, if you are small you pay small and if you are growing there are very reasonable pricing tiers that charge slightly more for 1,000's more in listings.

What makes Wonder Lister the very best tool in our opinion is their crack development team. We have made over 500 suggestions, bug reports, feature improvements, and major design changes. We have been blown away by how fast they respond, and how quickly they can recode an entire feature change!

Wonder Lister is the worlds first Ecommerce Platform which can work with all websites. With the new Custom Fields, you can store 100% of your company data in one software and then blast it everywhere you need it. You can use Custom Views and it remembers them in the database, so if you move computers you don't have to start all over with the GUI. If you ever used Turbo Lister, Blackthorne, SixBit, or any web-based platforms, you will discover Wonder Lister to be a revolutionary tool unmatched by any in this space.

We will never use anything else, because Wonder Lister can already handle or scale up to any size company!

NO we don't work for them, we just desperately needed this level of an Ecommerce Database (desktop based platform) and they were the only ones who stepped up and met the challenge at an affordable price.

We have worked very closely with their Development Team and finally the software has matured to a point where we don't have to think about it any longer or make Feature Requests just to get our daily work done.

With the new Amazon Integration, we believe Wonder Lister will be the one to begin to dominate in this space. The things it does for us have allowed us to triple our sales since the beginning of 2016.

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Meridian, ID United States
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Re: We are beginning to Crush Ebay with Wonder Lister
24 Jan 2017
Amazon Update:
There is now an Amazon Tab in the software which contains all the main Amazon fields: Title, Bullet Points, Description, Keywords, Platinum Keywords, etc. ALL TEXT fields now have Character Count, so you can tell instantly what your limit is in each field as you type.

Customs Fields now all have Character count. While the tool doesn't integrate directly with Amazon, it is about 5 mouse clicks to Select Rows....Export....Copy from CSV to Amazon Uploader....Convert UPC's to numbers....Upload to Amazon.

Our work flow is ultra simple now because we simply build a Flat File Mapping for each Amazon Uploader spreadsheet. All our exports are matched perfectly to every column in the Uploader. The only change we have to make to data is "Fix UPC codes from scientific notation to Numbers". That is an Excel annoying bug, no way around it.

eBay picture URL links definitely WORK for Amazon uploads. We build all our products for listing to both Ebay & Amazon so as we drag / drop photos into the software the Ebay URL is created automatically. We export those URL to the Amazon Uploads they work just fine.

Amazon takes its own copy of the image and stores permanently. But if you don't actuall list a product to Ebay, the links will die off after 30 days. Wonder Lister FIXED the issue with dead photos! You can now select ads, right click, re-upload images to Ebay, new URL saves in the database.

Wonder Lister continues to solve every problem for us. They have even helped us solve PC issues which were not related to Wonder Lister. I hope these guys never change, sell, merge, or go out of business. Their ecommerce database is finally becoming the tool I dreamed about all my years in online selling.....
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