Desperately need Advice On a Drastic change. Ecom and B+m

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Desperately need Advice On a Drastic change. Ecom and B+m
21 Oct 2016
I work for a company that operated 16 Brick and mortar stores. I recently took one of the brands "CitylifeUSA" and turned it into an eCommerce platform. However, with the millions of foot traffic coming through the stores we have I would like to reach everyone. The marketing strategy is to catch the foot traffic to build an online foundation for all of our brands. No one is going to want to buy womens fashion while in a store that sells souvenirs. CitylifeUSA is womens fashion. I can not promote and market to all the different demographics. My goal and plan is to expand on the work City Life, and turn my existing eCommerce into a "Vegas experience" Commerce site. With all product from all of our locations. Not just the 5 fashion locations. Then I can change the marketing plan for promotional signage at non-fashion stores that says "Looking for more? We now sell our products on .Get the full Vegas experience here! Or something like that. Witht the name like citylifeusa . It would be simple to transform 5 locations for marketing into 16 locations for marketing. I need a mentor to help me with the transition. Not only the marketing, but the back end SEO as well. Or, just tell me if it's a good idea! Is it niche enough? will I ruin the customers I already have by adding souvenirs and gifts and Swarovski jewelry etc etc.? Also, could you honestly give an opnion on the site design etc? In the past 3 months being open I have had about 20 sales. Just started PPC yesterday with zero conversion rates. Multimillion dollar company putting a noob in charge of running the online side. Could really use the help. This is going to make or break my future with this company.

Right now I am using Wix for ecomm and design. I hate them for ecomm, design isnt bad and the apps are good. I paid through the year and I am hearing it's very hard to transfer product info from one platform to another....

Please help. Any suggestions would be amazing!
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Re: Desperately need Advice On a Drastic change. Ecom and B+
30 Oct 2016

Good luck with your venture. You seem to have a lot of work to do, especially with the website.

It could be a Wix thing, or it could be just bad design, but your site just does not work for me, or others.

Home Page - 'City Life' Logo appears to have an overlay on it and you therefore have to be very specific where you click on it to go back to the home page.
Get rid of 'Find A Job' seems like you are a recruitment agency. This position also changes to 'Checkout' on other pages. Customers like consistency.
Make your scrolling banner smaller, takes up too much real estate on the page, which could be used for pushing your products, which you should do as the menu does not help and there is no search bar. You appear to only have 53 products, but helping customers find the products they want is vitally important.
If you can, get more products listed.
Get rid of the 'Free xml sitemap generator' link at the bottom of the page.

Products - Do sneakers only come in one size ? Surely there should be size options available ? Colour options as well ? Describe your products better, make me want to buy them. Some have no description at all.
Get better images that do not have the 'Vegas' sign in them so that I can focus on the product. For products that have colour variations, make sure that clicking that option brings up a corresponding image.
Clicking on a 'You May Also Like' item loads the item but does not take me to the top of the page, so I do not think it has loaded.

About Page - Needs work. Cut out the number of times 'City Life USA' is on the page. Gets boring, hard to read, and may mark you down with the search engines for keyword spamming.

Contact Page - Alter the contact form, nearly missed it, and I know that the website is 'orange', but the map looks awful in that colour.

Locations - Overlaid text on the images does not fit.

Special Orders. - I am not really bothered about Debra L spending $147.99 but she might care about others knowing. Either password protect this type of page, or simply send them an invoice.

Delivery - I want to know how much delivery will be before I waste time going to the checkout. Most people expect either free delivery or delivery charges to be easily visible. The same goes for returns policy.

Get your facebook link to a business page not a personal page. I don't want to have to send a friend request to send you a message !

I would say cancel your PPC until you have a fully working site. It is a waste of money.

There are many other suggestions I could make, but I am running out of room. If you want a full list, just PM me and I will get it through to you.

The most important thing is do not get disheartened. As you say, you are a noob. All of us had to start somewhere and learn, possibly, from our mistakes, but it may pay you to bite the bullet and start again from scratch either with Wix or another platform.
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