Not what it says on the tin.

A review of FBA Wizard by Mrpotts
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Not what it says on the tin.
25 Oct 2016
The idea for this program is a very good idea. But that is all it is. The program is not fit for purpose. Most of the products it brings up does not match the product on Amazon. The sales rank on some items is very good but there is far to many that are un-ranked and are unlikely to sell. Many of the items it brings up is also out of stock and maybe an chance to hide these items would be good.

I tried the program 3 times after I keep getting offered longer trials every time I cancelled. During this time new search options was added but each time it didn't improve the program. Unfortunately on the 10 day trial there was no longer a option to cancel, nor an indication of how long there was left on the trial, which caused an attempt to take the monthly fee from my account. As I did not have the money in the account I have now received a bank charge. So not only did it not make me any money but it has costed me money.

A case of must try much harder.
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FBA Wizard
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Re: Not what it says on the tin.
1 Nov 2016
Thanks for the feedback.

You're able to cancel your trial at any time with a single click from your dashboard, and if you're struggling with that for whichever reason, then you're also able to click our 24/7 chat icon from within the web app and ask us to cancel for you.

Unfortunately as you didn't do either of these within your free trial period, your trial expired and our system attempted to charge you which failed as you didn't have the funds to pay.

The software unfortunately doesn't "make" good leads, however you are able to filter products by sales ranks to meet your buying criteria.

PRO purely shows what is there and what isn't there at any given retailer that we support.

Thanks for trying FBA Wizard though, and for the positive feedback regarding the speed we're adding new features at
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Re: Not what it says on the tin.
2 Nov 2016
@FBA Wizard

As you are fully aware I was unable to cancel my trial and I did speak to you about it. It was after my account was charged but this was because I was unaware when the trial expired. There was no cancel button on the third trial but there was on the first 2 trials.

When I did speak to you, you was very non plush about the issue and did not even believe there was an issue with your software.

I stand by my review of the software and the fact that I still did not want to move to the monthly fee, after 3 trials, as I do not feel it was worth the money, speaks volumes about the software.

You are correct that the software does indeed show what there is at any given time but the majority of times the products do not match. A PS3 game download code against a hard copy of the game. Or a older version with the same bar code. Or even a completely different item.
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Re: Not what it says on the tin.
13 Jan 2017

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