Packaging education help

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Packaging education help
26 Oct 2016
I’m pretty new to selling on-line and I am worried about packaging things the right way so they aren’t damaged in shipment. I also don’t want to overspend on packaging material… can I learn the best way to do this? I make one of a kind ceramics (mugs, pots, art etc) and also re-sell variety of vintage, usually fragile, ceramics and glass.
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Re: Packaging education help
28 Oct 2016
@moroskar You can get the padded envelopes for shipping, air bags for cushioning from eBay or Amazon for best deals. If you wanted to know more about low shipping rates and good packaging techniques, participate in ebay and amazon groups and communities to learn.
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Re: Packaging education help
28 Oct 2016
Padded envelopes and air bags are not a good solution for ceramics and glass!

Here are a couple of guides for packaging ceramics:

Spending a little extra on packaging should work out cheaper than dealing with breakages and complaints.
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Re: Packaging education help
30 Oct 2016

Wrap them, wrap them and then wrap them again. After you have done that, put them in a box inside another box and then send them via a courier that will take responsibility if the contents get broken.

Do not try to save a few pennies on packaging if you run the risk of your product getting broken. (Claims, bad feeling, bad feedback etc.)

A little test you could do is to package your item and then place it on your shoulder. Knock it off your shoulder so that it lands on the floor. Once it is on the floor, kick it as far as you can. Once it has stopped, stand on it.

If your package can cope with that without being broken, then the packaging should stand up to the average courier.
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