Need HONEST feedback on free auction software

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Need HONEST feedback on free auction software
27 Dec 2007
Hello. I am new to the ebay way of life and just getting started. I have a few things I want to sell to get my feet wet. Everywhere I read, is the suggestion of auction software but no recommendations, pros or cons etc, about any of them. Most of the posts in this forum are not current. And I know things change over time.

I have seen several mentioned, Turbo Lister, Auctiva, SpoonFeeder, Toaster Poster (I think) and a few others. I have not looked into any of these as I am just finding out about some of them. Also right now I am not wanting to buy anything until I know what I am looking for. But I would like to try a few out to see how they work, ease of use, etc..

I also want to be able to design my own listing offline and then activate it when I am ready or finished. Someone suggested hosting images offsite from Ebay to save on fees as well. So can someone help me with feedback or suggestions on real experiences that would help to make a choice to get me started? Thank you.
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Re: Need HONEST feedback on free auction software
2 Jan 2008
Auctiva is probably as good a start as you will get with free tools. they have a very simple system that allows almost every detail to be prefilled for use within the template later. you can use any one of their hundreds of templates, all of which allow up to 14 images (all hosted by auctiva) and it allows you use their checkout redirect and order tracking. It doesn't yet have inventory management but once it gets that, it'll be good competition for many of the subscription based packages out there.

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