Decent product. Tragically, incomprehensibly poor support.

A review of Atandra T-HUB by vtjballeng
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Decent product. Tragically, incomprehensibly poor support.
7 Nov 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?
Product is a 7/10. Average. Decent but not great. Could use a lot of refinement and bug fixes.

Could anything have been better?
Documentation is poor. Accessing the documentation is difficult. Resources are stratified. Some documentation is out of date and you MUST contact the owner to get the correct information because support is HORRIBLE. So bad, it wouldn't past the Turin test.

How was the support?
Support is so poor, it is worthy of an entire essay. They can't or won't answer even the most fundamental questions. They want to schedule remote sessions for basic information they have in their stratified documentation. Scheduling a remote session is irrelevant as they won't actually show up for said remote session. They don't seem to know anything about their product, how or what their product interacts with, computers in general, or anything in general.
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