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A review of FBA Wizard by nfilmer
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FBA Wizard Review
8 Nov 2016
The FBA Wizard tool is a great way to get started in online arbitrage or any online business for that matter. Initially you get the free trial and it’s so easy to set up that you can start straight away and begin scanning for products. With the videos that Shaun has already done showing you how to use the various types of scans, it really does make it very simple to get started.

The Euro has the largest potential, which involves buying products from Amazon UK and selling across the other Amazon platforms in Italy, Germany, France and Spain. With this method you have the added benefit that you know the product is identical and already approved by Amazon. It’s not difficult either as you buy from the UK either to your home or a prep centre and then just send it back in to the UK account and once you get a sale in Europe Amazon will export it across to them with you not having to worry about a thing.

The scan and reverse searches are good and have come up with a good amount of products as well. It depends on what your search criteria is, what the ROI is and what your budget is initially, but even if you’ve got only £50 to spend on products you could build some profit (obviously once products have sold) within a relatively short space of time.

After struggling last Christmas and spending lots of hours searching for products this really is a breath of fresh air and when you can search thousands of products in one go and come back to it later on is a huge time saver.
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