2ndOffice has allowed me to grow faster than I could imagine

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2ndOffice has allowed me to grow faster than I could imagine
11 Nov 2016
2nd Office are outstanding at listing products to Amazon and eBay, Aswell as maintaining the errors and problems that arise. I find there staff extremely professional and responsive. I have been using them for over 8 months now, I have never used such a knowledgeable and friendly company in my 12 years of trading online.

Hiring staff from the UK can be a real headache, when I use 2nd office I don't need to worry about my staff's emotional well being such as ,family, moods, health, staff politics etc. Bearing in mind I have come from being a 4 strong work force in a big office to being 1 person working from home. I work more efficiently than ever before. In fact my stress levels are more a less zero since I don't have staff to manage.

2nd office take care of all that. 2nd office manage and treat there staff with 100% respect, this in return ensure every VA work's to there maximum potential. I must highlight that the full time worker I have been using for the last 5 months is by far the best worker I have ever worked with before. I am so please I really hope she will continue to work for me for many years. I have now started using a seasonal worker aswell, all within the last 8 months.

As I see my future business relationship with 2nd office to be most important, I am looking forward to grow to a work force considerably over the coming years. I must congratulate Carlos on creating this fantastic company, for that I have so much respect for.

Keep up the great work 2nd office, your the best


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