eCommerce Store Research - Help needed

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eCommerce Store Research - Help needed
7 Jan 2008
I have been tasked to research possible online store solutions for my company.

The first phase of the implementation must focus on building an eBay store, automating auction submissions, and a stand alone eCommerce storefront. Initially we want to put up 150 - 250 store items and grow from there. At this time the number of auction items is undetermined.

The next phase will include developing storefronts at Amazon and possibly Yahoo, but will be dependent on the success of phase 1.

During my research I need to understand the costs associated with each solution/vendor and build a matrix documenting the benefits and problems associated with each. I also have to document the reviews of each vendor as I surf the net and talk to other online retailers.

Any assistance with this task would be much appreciated. So far I’ve collected data on the following companies:

  • ChannelAdvisor
  • Marketworks
  • Infopia
  • Auctiva
  • Zoovy
  • Volusion
  • Vendio
  • Network Solutions

  • Any feedback on your experiences with this group?


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    Re: eCommerce Store Research - Help needed
    13 Jan 2008
    Hi Steve,

    You will find information on this site on all of those except Volusion and Network Solutions.

    Here are the links to their product pages which have reviews, and links to relevant forum topics and news stories:

    ChannelAdvisor Merchant
    Marketworks (now part of ChannelAdvisor)
    Auctiva (a free tool for smaller sellers)
    Vendio Sales Manager
    Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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    Re: eCommerce Store Research - Help needed
    30 Jan 2008
    You may also want to check out our platform at We support all of the channels mentioned, as well as an enterprise ecommerce platform.
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    Re: eCommerce Store Research - Help needed
    12 Feb 2008
    Hi Steve - Steve here!

    Just to make your investigative workload a little heavier, eSellerPro can also offer comprehensive support for the eBay and Amazon channels (as well as others), providing a multi-channel/single inventory solution. A full-service eCommerce site is also provided.

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    Re: eCommerce Store Research - Help needed
    12 Feb 2008
    Thanks for the tips.

    We're currently evaluating MarketAdvisor and so far we see a lot of potential in the application, though I must admit the UI is a little clunky. Also not sure what the future hold with the re-alignment of their offerings after the ChannelAdvisor aquisition last year.


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    Re: eCommerce Store Research - Help needed
    19 Feb 2008
    Hi Steve,

    Don't forget to check out Laris. Give us a call to schedule a 1 on 1 demonstration and discussion with one of our experts. We'll show you how Laris is right tool to manage your entire e-commerce empire, and how Sell Center is the business partner to help you get there quickly and efficiently.

    Good luck in your search! Look forward to speaking with you soon.
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