A review of Atandra T-HUB by Mabbott
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16 Nov 2016
I think the product is good if you get it hooked up eventually and don't mess with it.

I have written several times and got nonesense replies to my issues. It doesn't pull orders at times and they said I checked too much???


That's so funny. You push the button to draw down orders so either they need automatic sweeps in or they need a reliable button I can push frequently.

I had one phone call before and that was way a few years ago and that was a polite and helpful man.

No calls recently can be arranged because they appear to lazy, overworked, understaffed, disinterested or other adjectives of this nature.

Could anything have been better?

Yes of course!

I could be asked how the process went
I could be given a NAME rather than nameless emails
I could be given quicker response
They could actually do what I ask
They prioritise everything as "low" or "waiting on customer" (rubbish)

I will change as soon as this product has a competitor. They earned a loss of my business today.

I FOUND an email of a human rather than they anonymous support and wrote to both mails and complained.

I would PAY for support (better support). VIPSupport, Gold level support -- that's how rubbish it is...

I even do pay for a support plan but it's kinda not that helpful :-(

Sad, this was so cool

IM going to email Big Commerce now and ask them to create this and then I can integrate it into my web store more seamlessly

That's my 2 cents folks!!!

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