Channel Grabber 10/10

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Channel Grabber 10/10
18 Nov 2016
After being 10 years Online and with experience with 3 different Inventory Solution Providers.

I can say with certainty that Channel Grabber has been the best.

I have only been with CG for 2 years but can say that the functionality is all and more than other providers.

The Interface is easy and accurate.

The team at Channel Grabber Sam, Michael and the rest have been brilliant and service exemplary.

When you call there is an actual human person on the other side - Ready to help resolve any issue or educate you in using the software.
never have I needed to wait, someone always on the line - ready to help or if there was other issue the tech department were ready - issue resolved.

I was initially drawn to Channel Grabber due to their very reasonable cost - but am happy to say that the service has been beyond my expectations.

Channel Grabber assisted our business progress to the next level and we are now on several marketplaces and sales have increased in a tough marketplace.

Sam and the Team at Channel Grabber team should be commended.
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