Logicsale, A CON or a TRAP, Constant Harrasment

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Logicsale, A CON or a TRAP, Constant Harrasment
20 Nov 2016
It seems impossible to cancel if you have fallen to sign with them at the first place. The contract is weird. It last for 12 months and if you do not cancel it via sending post to Germany in the 11th month, it will auto renew to another 12 months and you will not be able to cancel it and this cycle will repeat again next year.

In the UK, after initial length of contract say 12 months or 24 months, it auto becomes monthly rolling contract. So you can cancel anytime giving one month notice. If you don’t cancel it will roll on monthly basis. But with this CON company it auto renews to 12 months with no option to exit. Their service has been to lowest level in the recent past 8-10 months. Orders has been constantly dropping to alarming level. We switched off there repricer for a month and we see no difference in orders. So what exactly they do? Pay £££'s/month for ??

This is a repricing company and they do not accept emails or other electronic medium to cancel your contract. Secondly make sure even if you send it by post, make it a signed for as they will say that they never receive it.

They are only concerned with their monthly fee. You pay them for years and you will never get a call to discuss the performance issues. You dont pay for a month or try to cancel, you will get 4-5 calls a day followed by 2-3 emails demanding money.

Think 100 times before signing it to them. It's a One way contract. Once entered, You have 0 doors to exit.

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