Waste of money, Waste of time.

A review of Solid Commerce by beliefincstyle
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Waste of money, Waste of time.
26 Nov 2016
I will explain things very simply, and hopefully people take my advice based on my experienced.

*The features that they offer is very tempting. But what is worth it if most of the features occurs error, or does not work properly?

You have to waste of your time almost everyday to report the ERRORS and wait for the answer forever, after fixed. Same error happens again & again & again & again.

1. Too many errors, for example, Sync inventory for the Amazon & eBay. This happens pretty often, some of products does not sync the inventory. So the QTY always different between amazon & eBay.

Have to check every once in a while. And fix MANUALLY.

After that. Same errors keep happening. Quantities never correct.

Too much hassles & wasting of time for finding and fixing error.

2. Close and delete product feature is not convenience. Have to close the listings on the market place, and then have to close on warehouse again. It is double steps for 1 feature.

3. The interface is pretty old fashion and not well organized.

4. I have requested for cancel the service. But had to stay on active for 30 days from the date of the request.

Monthly fee is $200, i had to pay $200 after requested for cancel.

I probably get that, whatever.

But on 11/08/2016, they charged with me again $119.96?

What is this for?

Strongly recommend to avoid this company. If you want to waste of your money and time? Then It is your choice.
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Re: Waste of money, Waste of time.
28 Jan 2017
@beliefincstyle so they were Charing you200 a month? Got a quote today and it was min 400, for us it would be more I'm the ballpark of 500 to 1000
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Re: Waste of money, Waste of time.
2 Apr 2017
@Kthocken Because i was using the basic feature, i remember under $20,000 sales, they charge $200. There are way better option out there, This company will keep you busy dealing with the errors that will never fixed. Top of that, because of the error, the inventory QTY would not match eventually.
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