Amazon Metric Changers.

A review of Feedback Express by leevallance
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Amazon Metric Changers.
26 Nov 2016
I have only been using Feedback Express for a couple of months but already i have seen a huge leap in the number of feedback recieved on amazon, so much so that it has made a improved difference to my metrics which, of course, translates to more sales to the point that it has paid for a years use in just a couple of weeks. on Amazon every feedback counts and in my opinion is priceless, much the same as the service from feedback express.
they are not so much trading partners as trading friends.
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Re: Amazon Metric Changers.
28 Nov 2016
Hi Lee

Thank you for the kind words. Very glad to hear about the positive results you're experiencing using FeedbackExpress, Amazon feedback software.

Have a great holiday season!

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