Excellent Product and Customer Service

A review of SureDone by Motorcycle Solutions LLC
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Excellent Product and Customer Service
28 Nov 2016
What was good about this product or service overall?

The SureDone platform manages listings and inventory over multiple sites (eBay/amazon/website for us - but there are more options available). It works great. The stock is correct and the orders sync up. We never have a problem.

The software also remains simple enough to allow a lot of flexibility. I particularly like the bulk uploading and editing abilities. It's much better than any other software I've found.

Additionally, our website is the best it's ever been. The mobile template is as good as anything out there. They also created a search feature to search for parts by motorcycle, which our customers love.

Their developers keep up with the constantly changing ebay and Amazon market places as well as new requirements from credit card processors.

Could anything have been better?
I have an older computer, and Version 2 of the Suredone platform is more complex, so it's slower. But they did add customizable in-line editing, which means I often don't even have to open the product to make changes. I just click "edit" and change it in the summary view, which is much faster.

How was the support?
They have an organized support system that begins with an email ticket. They have followed up with every email until the problem was solved. I've been very pleased with the customer support. The staff is knowledgeable.Additionally, they have an extensive Help library, so I can often solve the problem myself quickly.
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