Ebay affiliates - find out what your visitors bought

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Ebay affiliates - find out what your visitors bought
13 Jan 2008
If you're an Ebay affiliate using Commission Junction to track your earnings, you'll know how difficult it can be to find out what items your visitors bought. You see, even though people click through from your site to Ebay they may not buy anything on that particular visit but you may still earn something if they buy within 7 days so long as your affiliate cookie hasn't been overwritten by another one.

The item that they bought is buried within the CJ report that you can download but figuring out which number it is and then manually searching for that on the relevant eBay site can be fantastically time-consuming.

A far easier way to do analyze the reports is to upload the CSV files from Commission Junction to our free to use Commission Junction Ebay Affiliate report analyser. It then steps through them line by line extracting the item and looking it up on the relevant Ebay site.

Up to 250 items can be looked up at a time and the results are presented in a handy list with links to each item as well as useful statistics on which of your sites made the most sales, how much they earned, whether you had any pending or active registrations etc.

As an Ebay affiliate myself I put the site together in order to find out which items visitors to my site where buying. Once I analysed my CJ reports I was surprised how off-topic some of the sales were !

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