HIGHLY recommended, don't chance your reinstatement

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HIGHLY recommended, don't chance your reinstatement
6 Dec 2016
These guys are the real deal.

When I first called I was immediately connected to Mr. Rosenbaum himself, who patiently listened to my panicked concerns regarding the suspension of our account.

Understanding the gravity of the situation and jobs at stake, they immediately kicked into high gear and implemented a plan that suited our needs.

I am happy to say that they were able to get our account back in under 24 hours, not to mention on the very FIRST try.

Without a doubt the service they offer is worth every penny, if even for the peace of mind.

From one seller to another, DO NOT mess with or attempt this process yourself. It all boils down to the simple equation of time equaling money. If you attempt to recover your account yourself, it may work, it may not, but with every failed attempt your chances for success are diminished.

ALWAYS leverage the experience of others, especially those who know what they're doing.

My sincere wishes that if your reading this you will not have to suffer the way I have, and if your were suspended or banned, that your account is reinstated quickly.

All the best,
J. Richard
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