Auctiva Commerce - Was a Good Idea, but poor!

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Auctiva Commerce - Was a Good Idea, but poor!
6 Dec 2016
Auctiva Commerce offered a great solution back in 2010 to sell products for free before doing a typical price model based on the number of items one sold.

Pretty easy to set up and manage a store despite no computer experience.

Templates are basic, but nice.

This isn't a criticism per se as to Auctiva Commerce because other website e-commerce stores don't for one have an auto-maintenance to delete sold out products and the image files automatically and let you also go in and change shipping tables without it affecting rates/services that were consistent as to shipping prices.

Very long URL unless you buy a domain name service and Auctiva should of made it easy to drop the Auctiva Commerce name in your URL, but didn't.

In about 2013, the price for me was $9.95 a month since I got grandfathered in and am allowed to sell 50,000 products.

Key features are the product feed to Google and Bing, ability to add coupons and discounts. Also, nice you get ability to do product variants, and set up a separate warehouse as Auctiva calls it for let's say furniture vs. something you can send by first class mail.

What sucks is the fact costumers abandon their carts due to the time it takes to checkout with Paypal. After telling Auctiva Commerce numerous times to upgrade = noting has happened and that's one of the big reasons I'm closing my store. That has been a big problem since I joined.

Two, no social media built in as to using Facebook or pushing products to promote via a social media site, but rather you have this Auctiva Commerce feed which I don't see popping up at the top 100 when people search. Also, when people don't know about your store it's hard to promote.

Three, no mobile platform as to cell phones and templates. Yes, I can access my store, but it looks like crap and is hard to use on a phone or template. Which, hello people use quite frequently now to shop.

No partnerships with Paypal as to shops, a marketing affiliate partnership, etc. Further justification for leaving.
The cost is now high for a merchant or small in home struggling business trying to be competitive. Granted we don't generate tons of income as one business, but are helping indirectly provide a lot of jobs.

So, bottom line is I wouldn't recommend getting an Auctiva Commerce account for what one has to pay as of now.
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