Conversation E-Commerce for sales

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Conversation E-Commerce for sales
8 Dec 2016
Hello all,
I was wondering if any of you have ever had any experience with "Conversational E-Commerce". This being sales via chat.

The customer sees a product on the store or on facebook (or wherever)
Messages the seller (Whatsapp, Messenger, Messages, Line, WeChat, Whatever it may be).
Asks questions if necessary and orders. The seller places the order (either manually or into a system or wherever they keep track of orders)
Then an invoice is sent via the same chat, which can be payed in the same link.
Product is sent and sale is complete.

Has anybody ever had any experience with this, sales or purchasing side?
What are you opinions on this method?
What (apart from ease, speed and security) would be necessary for the invoice and payment process?

Thank you for any feedback!
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Re: Conversation E-Commerce for sales
8 Dec 2016
This is honestly my first time to hear about chat commerce and I am keen to learn more.

Just kidding.

There's no need to post twice on the same topic so your other post has been deleted.

Before answering at face value, can I ask why you are interested in this topic? Do you sell online? Are you doing "marketing" for a provider of chat commerce technology?

I don't like to prejudge, but we have people coming here pretending to be sellers interested in a topic when all they really want to do is promote a business. This isn't the place to do the latter.
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Re: Conversation E-Commerce for sales
8 Dec 2016
Hi @Andy
Thanks for deleting the other one, I wasn't sure how to delete it and I wanted to rephrase my question.

I'm looking for information on if this a thing, if people around the world use it and how people approach this.
I know in certain countries especially in S.E. Asia customers love to actually chat with the seller and in interest if in other parts of the globe this is done and if so how they address it.

Sorry if I made it sound like my intention was for promotion or anything, I'm just trying to gather information.
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Re: Conversation E-Commerce for sales
12 Jul 2017

Hello. I'm CMO of Nice.Chat

If this topic is relevant, then let me leave your feedback about sales via chat.

I would single out 2 main advantages of live chats:

1. Chats free operators’ time for making larger sales. With chat more customers likely to buy simple and cheap products where it is necessary to ask 2-3 questions before making the purchase. Thus, operators get more time for live communication with customers who need complex or expensive products.
2. Chats improve the efficiency of the store. Modern live chats help to study sales statistics in terms of traffic sources and operators. This allows you to determine the weak and strong parts of your business.

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