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8 Dec 2016
I am new to the web sales, there are yet plenty things to learn, i.e.
1. the cost effective and promotion efficient plateform
2. how to market
Any suggestions are greateful
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8 Dec 2016
Hello. I am new as well, I started selling on eBay in March of this year. From a year of solid research and a few months of selling I have learned this: Every platform has its own "feel" if you will, and they are always evolving. New platforms are becoming available, it's almost overwhelming to think about working with more than one. My business plan calls for multi-platform expansion and a website once I find what works best and where. I truly believe that third party software designed for ecommerce sellers is necessary for a myriad of reasons. I'm trying my third software application right now The platform you choose and how you market depends on what you are selling. I have found that the online seller community is a very friendly and nurturing place; there are many successful people that want to help you to achieve your goals. Please post back and write about what you are selling and what platform(s) you are considering. Take Care!
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Re: New comer
22 Dec 2016

Everything that you do, should depend on what you sell.

Certain platforms are better suited to certain lines of products. This also reflects the way you should market them.

Unfortunately there is no 'One size fits all' solution for online sales.
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Re: New comer
22 Dec 2016

It is always difficult setting out at first and a steep learning curve. However the best way to reduce this is to learn from others.

Start with competitor research! Find out who else sells the same products as you and watch where and how they sell. This is not fool proof but can give you some guidance, and a place to start.

Once you get going, think of some more specific questions and problems you are having, and there'll be lot of people to help.

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