Tradebox Finance Manager for eBay to link with Amazon

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Tradebox Finance Manager for eBay to link with Amazon
21 Jan 2008
The latest version of Tradebox Finance Manager, soon to be released, now has the ability to import orders from Amazon, as well as eBay. This latest feature addresses the needs of many online businesses that sell across both platforms and wish to account for their online sales expediently and accurately.

The only product of its kind within the UK, Tradebox Finance Manager is a unique accountancy plug-in for UK online sellers wishing to impose financial control over their trading activities. Designed as middleware, Tradebox acts as an automated bookkeeping tool importing orders placed through the eBay and Amazon sales platforms directly into Sage 50 accountancy solutions, in a fraction of the time it takes to do manually and with 100% accuracy. Completing the double entry bookkeeping routine required to account for sales within Sage accountancy solutions, Tradebox automatically:

• Creates comprehensive customer records for each buyer
• Creates detailed invoices/orders for each transaction
• Creates sales receipts in bank module upon invoice update
• Depletes sold items from stock
• Assesses and applies correct VAT liability for each buyer and product

Tradebox also captures and holds data from the online sales platform and provides the user with a raft of analysis, graphs and reports of their online sales and the ability to export data to MS Outlook, excel and in a CSV format. Tradebox V3 will also include functionality to allow the user to prepare their Amazon Order Confirmation File, for upload to Amazon, and the ability to print address labels.

The launch of the latest version of Tradebox, which is anticipated to happen by the end of January, will mark the first move away from an entirely eBay centric solution. Stephen Bales, Director of Platform One, the authors of Tradebox, said, "The ability to import orders from Amazon addresses the needs of many of our existing customers, who sell across both eBay and Amazon. The next step is to roll out the subsequent version of Tradebox which will have the ability to import orders from websites".

More information on Tradebox can be found on the product website, For an online demonstration of the software contact Platform One on 0191 280 4279.
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