Newbie: Inventory / Database Management Needed

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Newbie: Inventory / Database Management Needed
23 Jan 2008
We are starting up a small warehouse and need a system that would give us ability to expand our sales from ebay to our future online store in our website (outside of ebay).

1) Can Blackthorne Pro be easily customized to a point where we can add extra data such as SKU#, Item Location… etc.?

2) Can we link Blackthorne to Excel or the other way around so both data get updated instantly?

3) It looks like we need something more than Blackthorne, have you guys done anything similar, any ideas or suggestion?

4) We currently have all our data in excel and we would like to have everything linked and work dynamically. So, in the future, we could generate html product pages from the database.

5) We have low budget and only 1 worker to manage/packing at the warehouse. Our concern is how he can handle 50+ deal a day. Is there a better workflow/software/system we can use? We are currently using the standard workflow ebay offers (soldpaypalinput shipping dataprintpacksend) which is ridiculously SLOW and we know Blackthorne will help but we’d like to know rather we need more than just Blackthorne Pro.

Please help, million thanks in advance!
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Re: Newbie: Inventory / Database Management Needed
26 Jan 2008

I am from Blackthorne and can answer some of your questions. Thanks for your interest.

1. SKU and Item Location are already stored in Blackthorne Pro. We call them Part Number and Storage Location. If there are other fields you need however, you can create your own custom fields. You can even choose the data type and the allowed values. For instance, if you wanted to add a field called "Color' to your items, you can create it as a text field that only allows "red", "blue", or "green". Currency fields, and true/false fields are also available.

2. You can't "link" Blackthorne to Excel, but there are many other options. First, there is an "Export to Excel" that you can use from any view of data in eB (eBay Blackthorne). Also, we have a flat file export and import. This lets you export/import any flat file format that you have. Finally, the database is an open database (both Microsoft Access and MS SQL). You can open the database and have all the power of Access and SQL to do whatever replication tasks you need.

3. Please let us know what other features you are looking at. eB is very powerful, and all of its functionality may not be evident on first glance.

4. As mentioned in 2, it is very easy to get to and manipulate your data, but you might want to think about using the eB database as your common repository and writing your code to generate the html pages directly from the database.

5. We have many small sellers processing hundreds of items a day. I'd recommend you drop in on the Discussion board and get some advice from them. You can get to it from Help|Discussion Board in the program.

Good luck in your search for the right tool, and let us know if you have any more questions.


John Slocum
Founder - Blackthorne Software