Just what I needed to boost up my sales!

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Just what I needed to boost up my sales!
17 Dec 2016
I admit I am a beginner in amazon business even after 4 years of selling because all this time I had a poor inventory due to the lack of funds to get more products and having to wait for 2 weeks to get payed by Amazon was holding me back and I remember days when I just had to stay home and do nothing because I didn't have money to buy products and also I had to put a vacation mode on and disable my seller account temporarily because I had no money for shipping.
Now this is in the past! Thanks to Payability I constantly have funds that I can rotate and put it in flow, buy more and more products, thus sell more and more and today I've settled a new record in sales! Yes it costs me 250$/month to use payability but I was able to win a lot more than that! Sometimes you have to pay something in order to be payed back more! You have to spend in order to win!
Their support team is knowledgeable and helpful and always answer my questions in a professional and timely manner!
Thank you Payability team!
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