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John D
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Suredone review
19 Dec 2016
As relative new comers to ecommerce, we are extremely pleased with our experience with SureDone. We tried others, but were quickly disappointed with each, as none were a complete solution and we could not get the support we needed. This is a total package.
We sell on eBay Motors and the parts fitment compatibility function is excellent. Update parts fitment or edit a listing once and push it to our web store, Amazon and Ebay Motors with the push of one button. Or do it in bulk to 10, or a thousand listings or more at a time. We like to dink around with and polish our listings, as we learn more about our what our competitors are doing and what works for us. Suredone greatly simplifies this process. Inventory sync across our channels works beautifully.
Support has been stellar. They quickly respond to our questions, no matter how micro they must seem, and leave us feeling they really are there to help us succeed. Lots of guides and videos. Great energy.
With the bulk capability, our growth potential is endless. Looking forward to taking more advantage of this potential this year. Highly recommended.
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