Very Shady -- BEWARE

A review of Marmalead by Sarah Chamizo
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Sarah Chamizo
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Very Shady -- BEWARE
19 Dec 2016
BEWARE OF Marmalead.

I enrolled in their service for 19. I then simply turned "off" the auto-renew option, and now no longer have access to the 19. service I signed up for. Mind you, they still kept the $19 I paid and are fighting my paypal dispute.

I literally signed up at 11am, paid, used the service for an hour or two, the turned off auto-renew, then POOF I lost ALL ACCESS TO THE TOOLS I PAID FOR. Beware, beware, beware.

With other legit services, you're able to continue to use the service through the period you've paid for. The fact that this is not the case with marmalead is just awful.
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Re: Very Shady -- BEWARE
18 Jan 2017
Hi Sarah,
We're so sorry of what happened to your account. We do try to warn users before canceling that you will lose access immediately but we also understand that it can be pretty easy to miss sometimes!

We are more than willing to reinstate your Entrepreneur access back and I know we're super late so we want to make it up to you by giving you an extra 30 days of premium access for the inconvenience. Please contact us at success(!at)!

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Re: Very Shady -- BEWARE
3 Apr 2019
@Marmalead I was thinking about trying this service. Terminating access even though a person has paid for it is shady. It makes me not trust you. You should probably allow people access through the trial period and through whatever period they have paid for like every other trustworthy company does.
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