Drop shipping guide needed

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Drop shipping guide needed
23 Dec 2016
Good evening, everybody. Recently I decided to deal with the drop shipping and I started with a a well-known company paying a subscription to be able to get the right education. The only but that I was to confiouse more and to make enough mistakes.
I Need an education to guide me step-by-step to be able to make it and I hope to find in you.

Katerina Oikonomoy

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Katerina Oikonomoy
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Re: Drop shipping guide needed
2 Jan 2017
Hi Katerina,

I feed good by hearing that you want to start Drop Shipping Business. I am sure you are planning to start on any of the marketplace like Amazon and eBay. eBay is little easy to start interms of business whether its private label or dropshipping. Amazon is little tricky, you need to follow each and every rule to make it 100% happen. I have done 6 figure business in amazon dropshipping my self.

Dropshipping is getting orders of the products which is not at your warehouse but still you are able to ship it and make some profit. People usually start doing it from amazon to ebay, other websites like overstock to ebay and amazon. The ultimate rule is, you have to find popular products in very cheap price, sale in amazon and yet it should be lesser in price compare to other sellers. That will give you good business.

I would suggest to start with tools like FBA Wizard. That will help you find products which is very cheap in other marketplace which you can directly sale in amazon and ebay and have profit at least of $10 per order.

Warning: Be careful in Amazon for product deliveries through 3rd party websites, sometimes late shipments can resulted Account Suspension forever. I have got that too!

PM me if you need in detail answers.
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Re: Drop shipping guide needed
10 Jan 2017

When using a dropshipper, always remember that you are the seller, and buyers will expect you to be able to answer questions promptly (within 24 hours on many channels). Therefore it helps if you are intending to sell goods that you are interested in, or have an excellent supplier with a large list of faqs that you can use. Buyers also want fast delivery so you should find a seller that can provide that as well.

When starting out, you have to be careful with delivery times, message responses, and returns. For example in the UK, if you asked us to 'dropship' an item to one of your customers and the customer changed their mind, you are responsible for the item. We would not accept the return unless it was faulty. As we sold 'business to business' there is no change of mind policy and you have to take the hit financially.

Dropshipping can work, look at Wayfair.co.uk, but you do have to work at it.

There is no real 'get rich quick' solution. Otherwise everybody would be doing it.
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Re: Drop shipping guide needed
10 Jan 2017
@eStore Factory Namaste!

Would like to know about this step-by-step, have you written any blog about this?
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Re: Drop shipping guide needed
17 Jan 2017

I recently created a dropshipping best practices guide you may useful. Here's the link.
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Re: Drop shipping guide needed
24 Feb 2017
@eStore Factory it is against Amazon TOS to Dropship from other branded marketplaces, unless you can have your business name and address (not the branded marketplaces) on the customers packing slip. You mention dropshipping from Overstock to eBay and Amazon...does Overstock allow you to send your own company packing slips in their shipments you dropship... instead of Overstocks packing slip? If not the people reading this who are also Amazon sellers should not dropship from Overstock to Amazon. Never from any branded store, such as Walmart or Kmart, etc. One complaint from a customer and you will be suspended, or worse banned from Amazon. It is safest to dropship from a professional manufacturer or dropshipper with experience in the Amazon marketplace and who can follow Amazon TOS.

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