Multichannel Software Recommendations

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Multichannel Software Recommendations
26 Dec 2016
Hey guys,

So many options out there for multichannel and have read some reviews.

Can you send me your top 5 recommendation and why.

I need to choose one and would appreciate any feedback you have.

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Re: Multichannel Software Recommendations
28 Dec 2016

Multichannel software is a minefield, and has been covered many times on this forum. You can read the guide here

What you really have to look out for is software that will work with your existing channels (eBay and Amazon are usually covered), as well as the ones you are looking to expand to. Not all solutions cover all channels.

If you want to expand anywhere based on the selling channels options, then budget and usability is a big factor. If however you have known marketplaces that you want to expand to then this is a massive consideration.

As for asking for the top 5 recommendations, due to the time, effort and cost involved, most sellers will only have tried two or three options before settling on their preferred choice.
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Re: Multichannel Software Recommendations
4 Feb 2017

If you have thousands of orders by month at amazon, eBay or Etsy, you dont need to waste hundreds of dollars by month to have a Multichannel sales and inventory management software:

I have wrote a practical article after i checked 22 different Multichannel software, i avoid to test those that is needed to pay some hundreds of US$ by month and choose to test Expandly and DEAR Systems as the best options.


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