Unstable service, Terrible Support, Overpriced. Customers ar

A review of Linnworks by Carl Brown
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Carl Brown
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Unstable service, Terrible Support, Overpriced. Customers ar
1 Jan 2017
Very unstable service, We are basically paying to beta test software. There have been alot of changes over the last 6 months which have made Linnworks offering much worse so if you are weighing this up against the likes of other systems id think again. A long review yes, but there are so many incidents to report. I have broken it down into chunks for any prospective clients below..

Support - Very poor, maybe one reply per day if that and even then very poor understanding of english so they totally misunderstand the question. In urgent cases don't shy away from giving them a call, these urgent cases will arise at least once per month for the small business owner. For mid to high volume users I suppose you have to be in constant contact because the servers cannot handle heavy load. In this world time=money and those manhours add up so factor this into your costs.

Price - Such a very expensive product with no justifiable reason. Maybe that they are losing custom and need to factor that in to their margins. You now also must pay per user so if you have any remote workers, designers or systems logging into your accounts you must pay for extra logins.
Factor this into your costs.

Royal Mail integration - Very buggy. Be prepared for your manifest to fail as happens with us and manually use OBA system (very light user 80-250 packages per day) which requires us to go to the late opening delivery centre 8 miles away as the post office cutoff is often missed. Oh and some of the international services are not integrated. The simplest option would be to use OTC small parcel for everything, at £1-£1.5 more per parcel..
Factor this into your costs.

Service - We have experienced glitches and bugs causing our inventory to report incorrectly. The main reason we chose linnworks is to prevent overselling. We now oversell at least 5x per week. To prevent this we do once monthly stockchecks. Something we didn't need to do previously. Support cannot put their finger on it so no help at all.
Factor this into your costs.

Overall a terrible experience with this company. Google Linnworks and you will get a list of competitors with taglines of unhappy with linnworks and complaints from current / previous clients.
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Klaas Schippers - Linnworks
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Re: Unstable service, Terrible Support, Overpriced. Customer
5 Jan 2017
@Carl Brown
Hello Carl Brown,

I am very sorry to notice that our software has not been up to your expectations and that you find our service poor. I personally know of the struggles that Royal Mail OBM has been giving you and have been giving you advice in accordance with our shipping specialists who have been able to reset your manifests on a few occasions. It is good that you mention something new here and I might be able to help you making you integrate your international services. I will take a look at your account again and will contact you later in order to assist you in making your integration more efficient.

As you know from our earlier correspondence, we have tools to extract any information of your backend regarding stock movement. Based on the researched examples the conclusion was that Linnworks follows your stock correctly. Please see the support ticket, a full technical explanation including screenshots and details has been provided to you in that ticket. If it really is the case that you oversell 5 times per week then it should not be hard for you to provide us with an example, with that example we will be able to find what's causing the overselling really quick.

To conclude, we have indeed changed the software a lot in the last 6 months. All the changes have been made to either simplify the user experience or to make it more streamlined. A welcomed example of that are our renewed servers, all the Linnworks users are currently enjoying a quicker and more reliable service than ever before. In order to address any other concerns you may have I will give you a call later in the hope to make your Linnworks experience better because. I believe that with some proper advice you will be able to get a lot more out of our product.

Best regards,
Klaas Schippers
Customer Experience Manager
Linn Systems

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