ebay auction management software

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ebay auction management software
7 Feb 2008
I've been using a great little piece of ebay auction management softwarefrom a company called AuctionSplash. They provide advanced free eBay tools and eBay auction management software including buying and selling management with desktop alerts and label printing. You can download a trial.

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Re: ebay auction management software
9 Feb 2008
Hi Jenny,

A review of AuctionSplash would be much appreciated.
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Re: ebay auction management software
21 Aug 2008
i was using Auctiva.com but they will now not allow me to list without using paypal and I dont want to as fees are too high i am only selling odds and sods of kids clothing and things.


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Re: ebay auction management software
16 Sep 2008
Paypal is expensive but many buyers like to see it offered as it gives confidence. You could mention that you prefer other payment methods in your listing.

I offere several payment methods on my ecommerce website and some of my products are only 30p (US$0.60) I would say about 50% choose Paypal. On eBay I would say 90% choose to pay by PayPal.

Paypal is also fast - so if you want the item than buyers like papypal as the item should then get sent within a day or two of paying.

I don't like the fees but I do like the way the service helps sales.
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