Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores

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Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores
11 Jan 2017
Hey Everyone,

I'm writing in this forum to get some feedback from established eCommerce owners on our new business.

We're a couple of co-founders who recently left a large marketing agency to start Contency.

We provide a managed content marketing service for eCommerce sites at an affordable price.
The service we provide is:

  • Custom Tailored Content Marketing Strategy

  • Content Production - All the content you need to promote your site, delivered on a monthly basis (This includes articles, newsletters, social media posts, infographics and product descriptions)

  • Promotional Strategy to reach new customers and expand brand awareness.

  • KPI and ROI measuring

  • I would love to get some feedback from you guys.

    Is this a service that you could see yourself using?
    Is there anything missing from this service that would make your life as an eCommerce owner better/easier?

    If you want to learn more please check out

    Thank you very much in advance for your time.

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    Re: Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores
    22 Jan 2017
    @Klaas I just checked out your website. Quite slick and easy to find relevant info. My only advice, if you're just one person or a small team, is to have a pricing tier that is even more affordable. At $200 a month for your basic plan that's a lot of scratch for a new etailer like me. The likeliest first reaction is "How do I know I'll get my ROI?" and since it's a monthly commitment the apprehension is that much more of a concern. Maybe a loss leader at twenty bucks that gives someone in this position a taste could be the gateway to the higher tier services. The important thing is overcoming the reluctance of parting with the initial outlay. Once their $20 investment brings them so much as a single sale, or grows their Facebook page or whatever the starting metric, you'll have them hooked.

    I'd be willing to play guinea pig if you need a test subject :- )

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    Re: Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores
    24 Jan 2017

    Not the sort of thing we would use, unless you offered a free trial.

    As rasiel has said, $200 is a lot of money for some, with no guarantees.

    For $200 i could do a PPC campaign, social media ads, sponsored products and so much more.

    I am always intrigued about one thing with services such as yours, how do you know our products ? How do you prepare a product description for an item that you probably know nothing about ? Do we have to spend time sending you the description for you to rearrange it and add in a few extra keywords ? The newsletter again I would probably have to give you the details. I may as well do it myself with MailChimp.

    Please do not get me wrong, I am not having a go at you, but the concept.

    By the way, did a quick Google search for 'Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores' and 'Managed Content Marketing' and your site was not on the first ten pages. Does not give me much confidence at the moment I am afraid.

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    Re: Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores
    25 Jan 2017
    I agree. I think the whole concept of outsourced "content marketing" (a horrible term IMO) is flawed.

    You need unique, helpful, share-worthy content to make any SEO or social media impact and I can't see how cheap outsourcing could achieve that.

    An expensive digital agency maybe could, if they can devise a viral campaign around your products, but you are unlikely to get a ROI on that either.
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    Re: Content Marketing For eCommerce Stores
    27 Jan 2017

    Thank you for agreeing with me. After reading my post again I thought I was being a bit picky, but maybe I am correct (it has been known, occasionally).

    The problem is that IT people (alledgedly) know IT. Sellers should know their products. Sellers, from their own experience, also know what the customers want. IT people think they know what the customer wants (based on algorithms, cookies, feedback and who knows what else).

    As an example, in 2016 I was contacted by a major diy chain in the UK asking if I could help them out with their website. Apparently users of the website were very unhappy with the search results and they wanted to sort this out.

    A visit to a store down south was then arranged. There was little old me, 3 store workers, 4 IT gurus and a couple of the big wigs that were paying for all this all at my disposal for the day. Basically I asked the store and IT people to bring me 'black paint'. After 15 minutes they had all bought about 12 different types of black paint. I then asked the IT gurus to search for black paint on the website and bring me all those items. As it showed all the items that included 'black' and 'paint' in the description (all 300+ of them) they took my point, and I took the £500 for my time. I made a point. They now have a much better website ! (Would love to claim all the credit but not just down to me.)

    Some of my most successful clients are people who have a business / niche that I am interested in or experienced in. By having that interest you know both sides of the e commerce story and are a real help. Sub contract / outsource suppliers do not have that.

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