Payability is easy to use.

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Payability is easy to use.
13 Jan 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

We were a new merchant on Amazon and we grew really quickly. We need cash flow to keep up with orders coming in and waiting 2 weeks for payout with Amazon was difficult. (I actually did not know Amazon held money for two weeks until our first sale...I was more than freaking out).

So, we needed cash flow and a loan was not going to happen quickly, so we saw an ad with Amazon for Payability and decided to take up the offer. I am glad we did. That was back in September and if I did not make that move, the holidays would have been impossible.

We were getting our money faster, I was buying product all October, then November his and we got bombed with orders. I have never worked so hard. I would fulfill orders on Monday, Tuesday morning the funds were available on Payability, Tuesday afternoon they were in my bank account.

They hold back 20% of my earnings so every two weeks I get a big deposit of that 20% back into my bank account. We are always even. I don't owe them, they don't owe me. It is really nice.

Could anything have been better?

I started with them at the beginning. It has been nice.

How was the support?
If I have ever had a question, they have always responded with information. Always.

If you are considering this service, I would recommend the trail period. It was a HUGE benefit to my business.
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