why repricerexpress

A review of RepricerExpress by Meshuggah
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why repricerexpress
13 Jan 2017
What was good about this product or service overall?

We use since almost 6 years different softwares for our activity , since few months we decided to use RepricerExpress after a trial that convicted us , why?

Here's the reason

Although we are used to these kinds of tools and softwares, but in repricerexpress there's a real and very speedy tchat support which makes us feel more confortable, other sofwares weuse and used , in case of problem , we must send them an email and sometimes wait between 2 and 24 hours to have an answer or a have to the issue fixed, i think that's what makes the real difference

Could anything have been better?

until now no

How was the support?

They have a support member which really deserves his name support hero
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Re: why repricerexpress
13 Apr 2017
Thanks for taking the time to write this great review of our software.

I've passed your positive feedback onto the team.

Have a great weekend.

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