Channel Advisor is the Cadillac of Online Marketpl Software

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Matt Kubancik
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Channel Advisor is the Cadillac of Online Marketpl Software
13 Jan 2017
I've been an online retailer since 2005 (I was 18 when I started my business) and signed with Channel Advisor in 2006. They have helped me grow tremendously over the years and expand globally. We now sell on over 20 different marketplaces and Channel Advisor has always been a great partner.

Although they are more expensive than other options out there, you get what you pay for. There is a reason Cadillac is more expensive than Chevrolet. I will admit I am a very high maintenance client and Channel Advisor has always bent over backwards to give us excellent service.

Honestly, there has been times when I probably took advantage of their service and support more than I should have, especially in my younger years. There has also been times when parts of their service have not my expectations. No relationship, business or personal is perfect. If someone says that they are liars. Theres always bumps in the road but when I feel something wasn't up to par, someone at Channel Advisor always made it right

Channel Advisor has helped me automate much of my business, given me the opening start to get on marketplaces like Wal-Mart, Jet, Sears, International sites, etc before other online retailers are given the chance. They are great company to deal with and have very hard working, dedicated employees that love to see their customers succeed. That has been my experience. And all I can speak on is my experience.

Here is a video produced by Amazon about our background online.
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Re: Channel Advisor is the Cadillac of Online Marketpl Softw
17 Jan 2017
@Matt Kubancik Thank you for your honest review Matt. We're glad that we've been part of your successful journey. It's great to hear that we've helped grow your business and expand to new marketplaces and expand internationally. Hope you continue to see the benefits of the platform and the team, and have many years of successful selling ahead!
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