I don't know what you do. Please help!

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Meredith Baker
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I don't know what you do. Please help!
14 Jan 2017
I am having the worst time with a buyer of one of my items that was on ebay. In December 2016, I sold an authentic Canada Goose coat to a woman in New York. The auctions final price was $827.00. Throughout the auction, I answered any and all questions received and provided photos document the coat markings.

On December 21, 21 the buyer open up a claim with Ebay stating the coat was not authetic (she claimed a hologram fell off it). Ebay sided with the buyer and said I had to issue a refund and also send the girl money to ship the coat back to me. I tried to argue with Ebay but got no where. They said they did not know exactly what I sent this girl. I sent her an authentic Canada Goose coat.

I finally bit the bullet and agreed to the accept the return. I received the coat back yesterday. I received a counterfeit coat! Completely different. I contacted eBay and they are still saying that I n we ed to refund her money. I am at my wit's end. I don't know what to do? This scam artist is going to walk away with an authentic Canada Goose coat plus 827.00...
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Re: I don't know what you do. Please help!
15 Jan 2017
@Meredith Baker

My heart truly does go out to you. This is one of the many scams that are prolific on eBay.

There are a few things that you can try, but there is no guarantee of success.

As you have photographs of the item you sent, send these along with corresponding photos of the returned item to eBay. If you have a receipt for the original item, include a copy of this. Also provide as many details as possible, no matter how small, as to why the returned item is obviously different to the one sent.

Have a good look at the buyers feedback. If the buyer has little or no feedback, or has only been registered for a very short time, then to be honest you should not have sold such a high value item to them. If the buyer has made other purchases, then contact the sellers, through eBay messaging, and ask them if they have had problems with this buyer. Pass on all negative comments to eBay.

I do not know how it would work in the US, but in the UK we have the Small Claims Court, where for a small fee, you can fill in an online form and take the other person to court to claim back your money. Contact the buyer, again through eBay messaging, and explain that as you have received a different item, unless you receive the correct item back within 14 days you will be starting legal action against them. Usually the threat is enough for them to admit that they made a mistake.

Unfortunately eBay CS work to a script, and have very little, if any, leeway to deviate. If you have provided information to back up you claim, ask to escalate the claim. It may help.

I wish you luck in getting your money back, and please keep us updated.
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